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Saint Helens String Quartet's first recording on Navona records

We are proud to present our debut PARMA/Navona Records release, American Dreams

Our debut release is named after Grammy Award-winning composer Peter Schickele’s five-movement String Quartet No. 1, American Dreams. Weaving together Appalachian folk, and waltz structures into a pastoral and Coplandesque landscape Schickele has the viola playing an indian chant, violins playing birds at dawn, and the cello rumbling an approaching thunder storm on the praires. Ken Benshoof's heartland and gospel themes from Swing Low to Raggedy Blues to Remember, are complimented by Bern Herbolsheimer's Yucatan inspired Botanas snacks and Janice Giteck's soaring spiritual pieces,Where can you live safely then? In surrender and Ricercare (Dream Upon Arrival).


String Quartet No 1: Opening Diptych by Peter Schickele

String Quartet No 1: Dance Music by Peter Schickele

Swing Low: Bright by Ken BenShoof

Swing Low: Goin' Home by Ken BenShoof

Where Can One Live Safely, Then? In Surrender. by Janice Giteck

Botanes: Relleno Negro by Bern Herbolsheimer

Botanes: Mucbil Pollo by Bern Herbolsheimer

Remember by Ken Benshoof

Learn more about our debut CD release in August

Watch the music being made

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